Someone on the NSEAD Facebook group posted this link a few weeks ago about assessment from the legend that is Dylan Wiliam. It’s a really interesting read and really sums up my own philosophy on the subject of assessment. We are in such a state of change at the moment with the removal of levels but I’m actually really excited by it. I’ve always been an advocate of good quality comment only marking, I think partly because of my teacher training.

Is the Feedback You’re Giving Students Helping or Hindering?

The article also talks about the idea “Feedback should be more work for the student than it is for the teacher” which links to my earlier post regarding DIRT – the idea of the student acting on the feedback rather than it being a box ticking exercise.

Carol Dweck’s concept of Growth Mindset is also mentioned with is so important in a subject like Art. I have so many conversations with students (and parents) who see Art as something that you can either ‘do’ or ‘can’t do’. It’s important to me that they see Art as a set of skills which can be developed and refined rather than an innate ability. Undoubtedly good quality feedback is inherently linked to this concept, and allows learners to take control of their learning and see how they can improve.

A worthwhile read with lots to think about.


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